Web Design

Different websites require different navigational structure and page design to accomplish their goals. For example,

Simple page style for information and online sales cart: Native Journey Woman

Parallax scroll for commercial product showcasing:
Global Stainless Systems

Multi-page portfolio presentation:
Cultural Communications


Eagle Feather Men's Summit, at Celilo Tribe still communicates the need for men's good health—well past the actual event.

Skokomish Tribal Lands at Sunrise, is an example of "B Roll" film that Maisie shoots for transitions or titles to give videos a certain sense of mood and place.

Though Skokomish Tribal Lands at Sunset, was shot at nearly the same location as above, it communicates an entirely different feeling to a video than the sunrise version.

Maisie's commercial videos, like this one, are often embedded into web pages to hold the viewer's attention long enough to accomplish such site goals as education, sales, non-profit donations, or other actions.